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We are a locally owned bakery who strives for quality while providing authenticity from our customer service to our kitchen. We value honesty, integrity, and dedication to our brand while welcoming all of our community into our doors with kindness. We are a small batch bakery producing pastries, desserts, and light fare from scratch while serving amazing coffee, wine and beer. We proudly source local and sustainable products, and partner with companies who stand for the same values and ethos. We are inspired by local artists, makers, and creators and we couldn’t be more proud to call San Diego our home.

As our company and brand continues to grow, we remain dedicated to the ideals, practices, and people who have made Frost Me what it is today. We are driven by what we don’t know and strive to master everyday.

Frost Me was honored to compete on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars Season 7 and 9 taking home the championship for the Breeder’s Cup episode. Now offering the winning cupcake flavors as a part of our daily cupcake menu, you can experience the excitement of the competition!


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For inquires about orders or to place an order please call:


For all other inquires email Audrey@frostme.com